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Morals and people of cloth

Hitchens in an interview about his book on Mother Teresa. It’s either consciously or subconsciously assumed that a person of the cloth actually has better morals. There’s precious little evidence of this; there’s a great deal of evidence to the contrary, in fact. [via reddit]

Eating shit

Let it be known that a rational scientific mind will shrink at nothing, including the thought of eating shit.

Net tools

Some tools that you may find useful. Blogbridge. I have been using this regularly now. If they can get their plugin architecture sorted out to play enclosures, it’ll be quite nifty. Firefox 3 Beta. The latest release is fantastic. Add-ons need to be ported but I am not very big on add-ons. Ars has a…

Council pays psychic for exorcism

Beebs reports[thanks Ramya] on a council that pandered to a family’s delusions to save tax payer money. A psychic was paid £60 by a council to rid a County Durham home of a “poltergeist” after ghostly goings-on. … A council spokesman said it paid half the psychic’s fee as it was the most cost-effective solution.…

And, the winner of longest penis contest is

Barnacles! Yes, indeed, it’s the long flagellating thing in the picture. Watch them have a go at it. [wmv video file]

Running a car using air

Beebs reports on a frenchman’s successful effort to run a car with compressed air. This is being backed by Tatas. Production is to start in India this year it appears. A TR article that has more details.

Why Darwin Matters

Why does Darwin matter? It is because he cut through so much chaff with one of the most simple, beautiful and exquisitely sharp ideas. Evolution is Life’s greatest and truest legacy and he was its most brilliant student. Read Dawkins celebrating Darwin on the occasion of Darwin Day.

Kenji Miyazawa

Kenji Miyazawa was a 20th century Japanese poet who loved Nature and Science. In a New Scientist article Roger Pulvers who has translated Miyazawa’s poems describes him as a tireless and faithful chronicler of nature. A beautiful line from one of his poems quoted in the article: Messengers, so to speak, of a catalogue of…

The marginalized public transport

Sunita Narain makes a case. Speaking of what she calls the Nano-flyover syndrome (Nano being Tata’s new low-priced car), she says: The question is should we discount the price of motorization so that some (and maybe a few more) can drive a car or a two-wheeler? Or should we pay the real cost of our…

The future

The future is about being able to float. Dutch lead the way. [via io9]