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NY Times publishes a fictional account of a fictional account assuring us that it’s a real account. Kafkaesque? Whatever. The man was beyond bizarre and certainly a brain shattering phenomenon; he reached into the human mind like those tentacles we see in our worst nightmares. Anyway, I wasn’t sure if Indian Express syndicated it knowing what the piece was really about. I am not a regular reader of Indian Express. Maybe, they knew.


  1. #1 sayantan
    March 13, 2008

    I am quite sure they knew. I am a regular reader of the Indian Express and they frequently carry syndicated columns from the NYTimes, IHT and other newspapers. I have often had a sense of deja-vu while reading through the editorial section of the Express (the edit carries the syndicated columns).
    However, they do tend to edit some of the articles which can make them seem episodic or even badly written

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