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Do something completely irrational today

It’s Pi day, everyone. Go do something irrational. If a circle doesn’t bother to make sense, why should we. Sciencebloggers on PI. An old post by yours truly on the distribution of digits in PI.

Google Sky

Ada, you’re so cool

Checkout the In Our Time discussion about Ada Lovelace, the enchantress of numbers who envisioned the advent of modern computers. What a cool woman!

Sitting alongside Religion

Religion and Reason are sitting on a bench facing an ocean. What a pretty sight! They both acknowledge human fallibility, acknowledge each other and share a laugh. After a bit of chat about the weather, affairs of mutual interest, culture, ethics, society, daughter’s marriage, etc, they fall silent. In a short while, one of them…

Return to India

Writer Shoba Narayan was born in India and came to the U.S. as a student. She settled down in the U.S., became a citizen, wrote for publications such as Time, Newsweek, Gourmet, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and authored a book, while her husband Ram had a successful career on Wall…

Reading Minds

It’s not very far off. From MIT TR: Scientists can accurately predict which of a thousand pictures a person is looking at by analyzing brain activity using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). The approach should shed light on how the brain processes visual information, and it might one day be used to reconstruct dreams


NY Times publishes a fictional account of a fictional account assuring us that it’s a real account. Kafkaesque? Whatever. The man was beyond bizarre and certainly a brain shattering phenomenon; he reached into the human mind like those tentacles we see in our worst nightmares. Anyway, I wasn’t sure if Indian Express syndicated it knowing…

The letter below is from Perfectly Reasonabe Deviations From The Beaten Track, a book of letters of Richard Feynman. It is one of the most moving letters that I have read. Tomonaga mentioned below shared the 1965 Nobel prize for physics along with Feynman and Schwinger. A former student, who was also once a student…

Like to read/hear my first Tamil essay?

Of course you do! You are such a good soul! Head over to It’s a two-part translation of the English essay ‘Leaping into the void’. I had a long post in mind on how this is an attempt to start a discussion on science with my extended family back home in Namakkal, how language…

Shooting oneself in the foot

I was checking who has linked to my blog (using technorati, which has recently improved from worse to bad). There were the usual link farmers growing penis pills and such, but one cowboy website stood out for its brazen display of daring and contempt for reason and sanity. It was a silly website peddling things…