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2300 cotton farmers have committed suicide in India since 2000 due to crop failure. Profound gloom as Amelia Gentleman says in a IHT story.

Brain Gym

Bloody hell! Pseudo-scientific nonsense at a school near you. More at Bad Science. It seems the well-meaning but scientifically-challenged people would go to great lengths to mess-up our children’s brains.

Coffee chronicles

First, this beebs report on why coffee is your partner in health, your muse and your burden (financially, if you’re the coffee-to-go kinda person). Coffee may cut the risk of dementia by blocking the damage cholesterol can inflict on the body, research suggests. The drink has already been linked to a lower risk of Alzheimer’s…

Boltzmann Brain Drain

This type of brain drain happens when physicists get carried away by the ingenuity of their own brains. Lawrence Krauss is reminded of Thomas Aquinas’ supposed theological argument about dancing angels (and their poop in the heavens). Read his column String theory’s latest folly in New Scientist. A quick search brought up this post at…