The Scientific Indian

Today’s Technology Dump

Latest TWiT episode has Brewster Kahle speaking of and more. He is extremely persuasive. Must listen.

Zattoo, a new IPTV service that serves free TV on the computer (low resolution, like youtube, but uses p2p like BBC’s iPlayer) in Europe and hopes to make money by sticking ads while users switch channels. It’ll probably succeed. Picked this up at

I’ve setup a box at home (dual boot with Ubuntu and Windows XP) for iPlayer and Miro. I hope to add Zattoo to it, buy a shipload of popcorn and spend the rest of my life watching a shiny screen and be eternally entertained.

Last thought. Imagine the number of storage devices connected to the internets. If they all do p2p, we could potentially store everything digital on them forever, can’t we? Video, audio, pictures, text, cats… forever in someone’s disk somewhere. The rub? It’ll be a roach motel for digital info. Things can get in but can’t get out. Searching an infinite volume of data spread infinitely thin will take infinite time.