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Congratulations! Calendar Girl!

I’ve used music from ccMixter for TheScian audio and it was always a pleasure to listen to remixes of Calendar Girl. Here’s the news from ccMixter: In October 2006, singer song-writer Tamara Barnett-Herrin from London in the UK published a one sentence challenge to herself and to remixers around the World Wide Web: “I write…

And the young winner is…

G1.9+0.3, remnant of the most recent supernova in our galaxy that happened a mere 140 years ago. Wired post covering the announcement.

Free Dr Binayak Sen

A related BBC article.

A BBC report: According to Unicef’s latest State of the World’s Children’s report, India has the worst indicators of child malnutrition in South Asia: 48% of under fives in India are stunted, compared to 43% in Bangladesh and 37% in Pakistan. Meanwhile 30% of babies in India are born underweight, compared to 22% in Bangladesh…

The intoxicated brain

The intoxicated brain knows no fear. Apparently, that’s why people loosen-up when drunk and will happily talk to fearsome strangers. That’s funny, ‘coz someone I know will go completely quiet when drunk and will simply stare at you like you are a wall of abstract painting if you talk to him. I am wondering why..

This year’s Scifi Contest

I’ve received a couple of emails from folks who wanted to know when this year’s contest would be announced. Shortly, folks. Meanwhile, get going with your story. If I may, I’d suggest mulling over the story idea, setting, characters, tone, etc obsessively and making notes before you actually begin to write the story. Try and…

The divine architect of runny noses, The wizard of ooze, of two stinky hoses, You made every man woman a misfit With appendages and stomach full of shit. Sexy theater in a messy sewer, Shame on you unintelligent designer! Harris, Hitchens, PZ, Dennett and Dawkins: May their godless fists land where your chin is. Old…


Donate what you can. Save the Children. Red Cross. The death toll may have crossed 100000.

Larry Page on how to change the world

at Fortune Magazine. [via]

What OLPC now needs

is a good dose of the idealism that started it. And, it has now got it in full measure! As most of the readers know, I am enthusiastic about the OLPC (and have obtained one via G1G1). Slapping Windows on it may make it more useful in the short term (every business quarter), in the…