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Time hath, my lord, a wallet at his back, Wherein he puts alms for oblivion. -Shakespeare

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At WSJ (via YC)

Blah from Gore Vidal

Offered with much indifference to NY Times.

“Witch” killing in Assam

A BBC report: More than 500 people have been killed in Assam – and half as many in neighbouring West Bengal – in the past few years because their neighbours thought they were witches. A study on these killings by a Bengal police officer, Asit Baran Choudhury, suggests that most of those accused of practising…

Gustav Klimt at Tate Liverpool

Works by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt are at Tate Liverpool. Klimt is one of Vienna’s famous sons (another is Freud). He was obsessed with Sex and Death and his distillation of these quintessential human experiences is extraordinarily powerful. Consider The Kiss. It is intoxicating. One could feel the tension, power (and perhaps, responsibility too?) embodied…

Sunil promises to send Orson Scott Card’s How to write science fiction to a story with the most creative scientific content (and does not break any laws of science). Go for it!

Caught in the act

Human Ovulation.

Hear! Hear! TheScian Science Fiction Story Contest for this year has been announced! Follow this link for rules and dates and more. If all goes well, you may find your story in print next year. But first, you must compete to win. Tell your ambitious, head-in-the-galaxy friends whose speculations has amused and entertained you. Spread…

Bicycling and Balance: A question

Which is easy: To maintain your balance when cycling uphill, or when cycling downhill? Assume you maintain a constant speed of 6 km/hr and the inclination is constant. If you like to challenge your proficiency in physics, assume further that you are negotiating a bend. I don’t know the answer so I am hoping someone…

Moon over Byzantium

A ravishing image at APOD. Read more on the almost invisible moon.