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Science Links

A Screensaver of moving dots. Sure you can see it, but can you hear it? [Mo at Neurophilosophy] What do you think is the sate of science? More important, do you like iPhone 3G, MacBook Air or 40GB Apple TV? Take this Seed/Sb survey. Family is all one has got. That goes for all primates.…

What Shakspeare does to your brain

Shakespeare really does something to our inner reality, making me feel more alive in more unpredictable mental ways when I read or see his work. I am also getting a sense of an underlying shape to experience, as though the syntax in front of my eyes were keying into mental pathways behind them, and shifting…

Tried Democracy. What next?

A collection of scifi speculation ranging from robocracy to anarchy at io9.

Britons: living, moving about and talking

Go here for some stunning time-lapse video of Britons living, moving about and talking – seen through the world of satellite and communication imagery. Nifty new modes of perception. If some day, things beyond biology come alive, this is how they may be perceived?


Today. 140 dead. 40 children. Stampede at the Nainadevi temple, Himachal Pradesh. July. 6 dead. Stampede at Jagannath temple, Orissa. March. 10 dead. Stampede at temple, Madhya Pradesh. January. 5 dead. Stampede at Durga Malleswara temple, Andra Pradesh.

3D Printing

3D printing is here. Try RepRap, Shapeways, Fab @ Home. I’ve been messing around with Blender and PyTopMod to make some designs for printing off at Shapeways. Worth learning these two if you are into things like this (I love this stuff), although PyTopMod may be too mathematical. RepRap Darwin: Optoswitch bracket timelapse build from…