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20 Years in the making: LHC is online today!

and today the Large Hadron Collider has begun probing the very stuff that we and our dreams are made of.

Truth and My Unease with Explanations

I am sure this has happened to many. I find catching myself out at times in that strange land where an Explanation has taken the place of Truth. I stand there looking lovingly at the face of Clarity and Certainty with little realization that they are strangling curiosity to death; when they vanish, one is…

Caferati LiveJournal Fiction Contest

Muse and make money. Hi all, We’re delighted to be able to tell you about this contest we have just got up and running. We’re presenting it in partnership with LiveJournal, one of the oldest, most respected names in the community blogging world. It’s a pretty simple challenge we have here, one that will particularly…