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I’ll holler when it’s up. (The site message is courtesy of Shakespeare, Henry the Eighth.) Update: It’s up!

Weather Report for today

Sunny day in the UK but I can’t be oblivious to what’s really happening around me: it’s raining neutrinos. It’s a deluge, in fact.

There are many ways one can paint a portrait of the brain: as an organ that evolved from the simple beginnings as a few neuronal tissues in worms to one of the most interconnected mass of tissues anywhere in the universe perched atop a primate body; as the center of consciousness that questions its own…

Launching Chandrayaan – A waste of money?

BBC has some reactions by Indians on the launch. One of them is from a fruit vendor Sheila who is quoted as saying: “I don’t think it is a good thing. I think this money could be used here for the poor. Look at how expensive things have become! If the money goes away from…

My heart jumped and missed a beat

When we (self and wife) were in Atlanta, Ramya had a dental operation (to remove a painful inner tooth). I was waiting outside the operating room expecting her to come out holding her chin gingerly and saying, ga ma tut puld, and bravely smiling. Instead she came out on a wheelchair with her eyes closed…

Chandrayaan-1 is on its way to the moon

BBC news report. ISRO press release here.

Günter Grass’s The Rat

Reading Günter Grass’s The Rat. She-rat speaks thus: we rats have battened on it, eaten our way to erudition. Oh, those mouldy parchments, those leather-bound folios, those collected works bristling with slips of paper, those clever-clever encycopedias. From d’Alembert to Diderot, we know it all: the holy Enlightenment and the subsequent revulsion against science. All…

Glorious destruction

Destructive re-entry (planned) of Jules Verne ATV. [Click on the link for a must-see ESA Video] [via APOD]

No more blogroll

Instead, we’ll have a regularly updated set of ‘Today’s Recommendations’ (on the left, heading may change) that’ll display the intertube bits I have read or heard that I’d love to share. This includes blog posts (not blogs themselves, which I have lately realized is meaningless if I did’t tell you what I read in them),…

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Watched this delightful Mexican duo play on a Jools Holland music show a few nights back (you can watch it on BBC iPlayer in UK).