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Road rage in India and Zinc intake

Yesterday’s Hindu newspaper I read at our noisy suburb in Bangalore informs thus: Is there any relationship between road rage in cities, especially during peak hour traffic, and nutrient deficiency? Yes, says the country’s renowned soil scientist J.C. Katyal, who is Vice-Chancellor of the Choudhary Charan Singh Agricultural University in Haryana. Speaking to presspersons on…

India Calling

I and family will be traveling this week for a long stay in India (two months). I anticipate posts infused with spices, pickles and more in the coming weeks. The plan: Delhi during the first week of December. Bangalore and Namakkal most of the time, a trip to Chennai. I have been preparing for the…

Scifi Contest Stories published

Winning entries are up. More selected stories will go online in the coming weeks. Enjoy. Update: Comments (moderated) are now open for the winning stories. Share your thoughts with authors and other readers.


This seems like the future for the truly lazy ones who pile up papers all over their desk. Impressive. But, can they match this:

The Arrow of Time

My 11 month old daughter loves electric lights. If you visit my home, you may often find me standing near the switch and flicking it on and off while the daughter watches and squeals in delight. Today morning we were playing our switching game and I explained to her with much drama how photons are…

TheScian Scifi Contest 2008 – Results!

First prize Aski’s Choice by Rinku Dutta Second prize 21 Minutes by Rahul Jaisheel Sponsored prize Noah’s Ark by Narendra Desirazu Selected stories Live and Exclusive by Aditya Sudarshan (winner of our first scifi contest in 2006) Touchstone by J Ramanand (winner of the contest in 2007) Of Resolutions with Capital R’s by Shuchikar The…

A piece of India on the moon

The realization of a dream. I believe we still need an inspiring campaign to create awareness and thereby generate enthusiasm among the taxpayers. Whatever lies ahead, this is a great day for the thousands of scientists and engineers who have made this possible.

Future of Scifi

The latest New Scientist magazine has soundbites from writers like Gibson and Atwood and much else. Give it a read. E M Forster in Aspects of The Novel, asks a pertinent question: Will the mirror get a new coat of quicksilver? Will the creative process itself alter? (By mirror he means novels, and the creative…

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Scifi Contest Update

The winners have been decided. We have an exceptional story as a winner this year. Picking it as the winner was not hard. I have been mulling over five stories for the past week – any of them could be chosen for the second prize. These stories are all excellent and I loathe to choose.…