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Archives for November, 2008

Chandrayaan-1 is almost there

Chandrayaan-1 has entered the phase where in two days it’ll start circling the moon. ISRO Press release here. Feels good to finally have a piece of India around the moon, is it not!

The American Transformation

Rebecca Traister writes at Spiegel How could Jesse Jackson not cry, standing in that crowd, realizing that whatever hurt time and generational difference might have inflicted on his project and his legacy, he was witnessing the dawn of a world that his work made possible, but which he had not been able to make possible…

Tears For Obama Supporters

Wife and I looked at this slideshow a few minutes ago and tears started rolling down our eyes. Through the hopeful and tearful eyes of these men and women, we glimpsed history. Our own spontaneous tears seems to be how our lives – a couple from India – has been deeply touched by the people…

Weekend music

Vivaldi – The Four Seasons (Spring, Allegro, Nigel Kennedy). I am nostalgic today. Beirut – St Apollonia. A haunting melody. What are they singing about? ‘Nantes’ , the take away show. This is how music happens. Rodrigo y Gabriela – Tamacun. Full of life. Coldplay – Viva la vida. Not many sing about the french…