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United Nutters General Assembly

A large hall in United Nations Office: The gathered mass of knuckleheads praised the munificence of their imagined protector, then proceeded to approve a “Defamation of Religion” resolution, largely supported by Islamic countries, condemning critical or offensive expressions directed at any religious faith. via UPI. What a farce the UN GA is.


  1. #1 TheEngima32
    December 22, 2008

    such a shame – the UN went from a dream to a nightmare over the last 50 years. They’re almost entirely uselessly, save for a scant few peace-keeping and aid missions that almost entirely backfire, and now they’ve been hijacked by a more dangerous force than pragmatic nation-first policy. I think that if they do pass this, and it becomes International Law, we should give the UN a big ol’ Middle Finger and kick them off of our land. The world’s a changing and scary place right now – in American we have Christan nuttos who threaten our liberties, and abroad we have Muslim fanatics doing the same thing. If we don’t do something, we’ll watch the world go backwards real quick, just like Europe did during the dark ages. And we may never recover.

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