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Machiavelli must be shot

because he is the archetype of all those who hold that end justifies means. Wearing Machiavelli’s shoes comes World-is-Flat-and-Black-and-White Mr Friedman, madly dancing with his column in NY Times on the recent gaza flare-up. Read Glenn Greenwald’s criticism to restore some balance to this garbage from Mr Friedman.


at Locus. Pay close attention to ‘Don’t research’ especially if you write (or plan to write) speculative fiction. There’s a Writer’s Kit at TheScian,com that may interest you as well.

What is The Universe

I was reading a fascinating discussion at Cosmic Variance on Boltzmann Brain Paradox and what Feynman made of it. The paradox raises questions about the state of the Universe, why is the beginning different from the end? Why must there be an arrow of Time? In a chaotic Universe, are we living in a bubble…

Sartre on Writing

Many young people today do not concern themselves with style and think that what one says should be said simply and that is all. For me, style–which does not exclude simplicity, quite the opposite–is above all a way of saying three or four things in one. There is the simple sentence, with its immediate meaning,…