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The French president has spoken in favor of Legislation against women wearing burka in public recently. I agree with the assessment that burka is a symbol of servitude. When women wear it for cultural and religious reasons, they are, as Sarkozy says, prisoners behind netting, cut off from all social life, deprived of identity. But,…

This year’s contest announcement is up at Get going. There are three prizes and a book deal up for grabs. With the selected stories of this year, we’ll have a fantastic collection of stories for our first book. Four years in the making! Thanks to all the participants and readers. While you are tender…

Father’s Day

With my daughter at a nearby park. To fatherhood, to memories. Warm wishes from one father to others.


This note is dedicated to tomorrow’s children…

Through the keyhole of self-awareness

I am sitting at the window seat of the Alitalia flight. It is flying over the Italian alps near Milan, few minutes away from landing. The sun is setting behind the alps creating a vast dynamic art that sweeps slowly across as the aircraft moves over the mountains; a small house besides a stream in…

George Orwell at the BBC

Married and sexless

The human brain is easily bored (yes, even amidst sex) that there are many happily married couple who would forgo sex and instead watch a comedy show. The operative word to remedy the situation is, of course, Variation. Here is an interesting read on this subject, especially the comments, at NY Times.

Female ejaculation

Comprehensive review of the state of affairs at New Scientist. Surprisingly, the biological mechanism and the reason (or lack of it) for this is still not well known. My last conversation about this was about 12 years ago with a medical student friend of mine in college who obsessed over female ejaculation (he went on…

Mars mania at IEEE Spectrum

The Red Planet is all over the revamped IEEE Spectrum website. I enjoyed reading Kim Stanley Robinson’s 10 Favorite Mars Novels and CMU Team’s Google Lunar X Prize efforts. There is an interview with Madhavan Nair, head of ISRO, podcasts by astronauts and more. Hop over to Why Mars? Why Now?

Who is in the BNP

Racists, Nazi-sympathisers. It’s a typical example of how, if you let them, the ugly-at-heart would try to twist democratic processes to grab power. Stop them. Here’s view under the hood.