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Feynman Lectures online

Bill Gates has made it available online. You need to install Silvelight (the flash alternative from Microsoft). It’s worth it.


  1. #1 uqbar
    July 16, 2009

    Sadly, it’s not worth it (and I say that as a long time admirer of Feynman). Because, as you note, you have to install Silverlight (unless you are a Linux user, in which case you might try Moonlight – although there are reports that Moonlight doesn’t work for this).

    Get Feynman here with no hassle:

    Silverlight – it’s IE6 for the next millenium.

  2. #2 dfk
    July 16, 2009

    I agree with uqbar. Not wortht the hassle to see a circa 1964 rendition of R.Feynman when the site has a later, and more exciting series of lectures about 15 years newer!

    Also, it not “available” online in the sense that it can be downloaded and used later! Another exmple of MS snapping up copyrights with $ for their own commercial purposes?

    I cannot believe Bill Gates got excited about the older version of the talks rather than the newer series. Perhaps they were not copywritable?

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