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Well, you knew that already. Anyway, here’s something to read and fume about. Here in the island, things aren’t great either. The inanely orchestrated coverage at the BBC leading up to the release of the Lockerbie criminal was/is breathtaking in its obviousness.

Eduardo Galeano

A few links on the great Uruguayan writer. His latest book is called Mirrors, he explains why in this video, in a voice that makes one to listen to it far into the night. He is interviewed by Michael Silverblatt for KCRW Bookworm. Blogging will be infrequent for some weeks due to travel, study and…

Lie down while I call you a liar

You’ll be docile when horizontal, apparently. So an insult won’t move you to action that much when you are lying down. via NewScientist.

Everything is invented

A celebration of human ingenuity through the life of Benjamin Franklin by Maira Kalman at And the Pursuit of Happiness.

Borges on Writers and Readers

From the preface of his Collected Fictions translated by Andrew Hurley. Reading is an activity subsequent to writing–more resigned, more civil, more intellectual. (1935) The learned doctors of the Great Vehicle teach us that the essential characteristic of the universe is its emptiness. They are certainly correct with respect to the tiny part of the…

Baby Peter: Why protect the criminals

From BBC News: The extra cost of providing security for the three people identified as allowing the death of Baby Peter could rise to £1m a year, a union has said. For those outside in UK, this is a heart-wrenching case of a baby being tortured to death. After reading the above news, I wonder…

Genes, Memes, hos, Hums

There is, I must say, a rather unconventional article in New Scientist called Evolution’s third replicator: Genes, memes, and now what? by Susan Blackmore about … what’s the word I am looking for…hmm.. Human Culture + Technology. Susan suggests that we have unleashed a technoculture goo. Remember Eric Drexler’s Engines of Creation? Something like that–with…