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Links from the other half, and me

Since I am not posting much on the blog, the wife suggests I leave a few links she supplies. So here they are:-
Since Indian rural workers under National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme do not get their wages in time, they are powerless, starving and helpless.
Can Women concentrate on a career post childbirth? Of Course, yes.
You can rent a friend, a spouse or a parent if you are in Japan

Just the act of committing words to the blog–even when they are not mine–is in a way motivational. There’s a kind of momentum that builds up when you write, I suppose. Your hand and brain make a pact to keep a good thing going, or something like that. So, what shall we talk about…

Consider the Open Source podcast I have just subscribed to. I’ve started with Newton at MIT. I was surprised to hear that Newton would not be the greatest mathematician if he is air-dropped at MIT at present. I thought, he would be. There is no way to find out. But, an inspired writer may provide us some glimpse via fiction. Talking of fiction, the latest edition of New Scientist magazine has SF themed content. More on this in another post as I have some specific things in mind that we can talk about.