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Pollution in China

This is and will be a burden on the World’s conscience, the dark continent of our time. The images are devastating.


Xuanwei (宣威) in Yunnan province is a cancer village. Every year there are more than 20 people die of cancer. 11-year-old student Xu Li (徐丽) is suffering from bone cancer. May 8, 2007

“Pollution in China” – a documentary project of Lu Guang, a photographer from People’s Republic of China.


  1. #1 EMJ
    October 23, 2009

    Thanks for linking to this. The images are deeply affecting and provocative. Doing a quick Google search for Zhejiang Titanium led to a large number of websites in English selling their products (and that’s just one of the factories featured). I wouldn’t be surprised if the United States was the largest importer. In order to clean up our environment we’ve largely off-shored our dirty industries to contaminate theirs.

  2. #2 Mark Taber
    October 23, 2009

    Thanks for this posting, and the links. Amazing photographs, heart-wrenching images. The “economic miracle” is having very real human costs.

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