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Headscarf ruins a basketball game

You may know that a while ago the swiss voted to ban any new minarets from being built. And now comes this. A local court in Switzerland has upheld a basketball headscarf ban. From the beebs:

A Muslim woman has failed to overturn a ban stopping her from wearing a headscarf during league basketball matches in Switzerland.

Sura al-Shawk, 19, was told she could not wear a headscarf by the basketball association (ProBasket) in August 2009.

A local court in Lucerne has upheld the ruling on safety grounds. ProBasket also argued the sport needed to stay religiously neutral.

Personally, I will stand by her side if she chooses to appeal. If headscarfs are unsafe, then neck chains with crosses, rings with gemstones, and all the other superstitious paraphernalia should be unsafe as well, isn’t it.

The important question is, why should this young lady feel the need to wear a headscarf (as a religious symbol) while playing a game? The sad logic of frustration and protest? What a shame!