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A Quote

The aspiration to truth is more precious than its assured possession. -German playwright and philosopher Gotthold Lessing. From TheScian Photos Einstein noted this quote in an autobiographical note he wrote a month before he died [Chapter 26, Subtle is the Lord, Abraham Pias]. The later part of his life was spent in search of a…

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Fractal zoom

G H Hardy once said numbers would exist even if the universe did not. The zoom below takes us into that alternate mathethematical reality which appears to be more richer and deeper than our physical one. Mandelbrot Fractal Set Trip To e214 HD from teamfresh on Vimeo. Via kottke

A Child’s World

Conversation with my two year old daughter this morning. Daughter: [looks at a picture book involving tigers] Where is the mummy tiger, daddy? Me: It has gone for hunting, Nidhi. Daughter: No, daddy. It has gone to a shop to buy baby-corn.

In Tomato News Today

Silence the expression of two pesky genes, and hey presto! you’ve got a tomato that stays fresh for as long as a month or more. Clearly this is a very useful trait for fruits and vegetables in India where Things Fall ApartTM–even when they are inside the freezer. Kudos to the scientists at National Institute…

When you stack L-shapes together

You get a square! More exciting mathematical thoughts in the latest edition of Steven Strogatz NY Times column.

Kantoi by Zee Avi

At Studio360. Another version.

Getting a feel for mathematics

Steven Strogatz is beginning a column in NY Times aimed at you and me. Not to be missed. I have a friend who gets a tremendous kick out of science, even though he’s an artist. Whenever we get together all he wants to do is chat about the latest thing in evolution or quantum mechanics.…