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Joke of the week

Jesus survived the crucifixion and spent his remaining years in Kashmir. Yes, he did. I don’t doubt it for a moment.


Perelman quit the world of mathematics in disgust four years ago. His decision to spurn the Fields Medal may have been driven by a sense that his fellow mathematicians were not worthy to award it. -Reported in Guardian “his fellow mathematicians were not worthy to award it” Ah. If so, you go, Perelman, I say.…

Update on TheScian SF Book

As you may know, we are publishing a Science fiction anthology with the stories from the yearly SF contest. In latest news on that, Proof copy has arrived from both CreateSpace and Lulu. I like the CreateSpace copy better because the dimensions look right. Lulu has done good job as well.

Orhan Pamuk interview

In The Hindu. NL: But in a society like India, how can we ignore the divisiveness, the poverty? Pamuk: You don’t ignore it. It is part of the picture, but it’s not the only thing. That’s how I see it. My kind of novel is about balancing of the whole picture. I think… I always…

Two men

Fished from the internets for printing and framing. Larger size at TheScian Photos Larger size at TheScian Photos

No Apple computers for me

I had been a apple computer user for the past 5 years and immensely enjoyed the hardware and the software. But, all good things come at a price. Apple’s price for a polished user experience has lately turned out to be user freedom. The inability to take out and use the content stored in apple’s…

More Schopenhauer

Lack of understanding [is] called stupidity; deficiency in the application of the faculty of reason to what is practical we [recognize] as foolishness; deficiency in power of judgement as silliness; finally, partial or even complete lack of memory as madness… That which is correctly known through the faculty of reason is truth. -From The World…

Peepoo Bag

A poo bag that can make a difference to a lot of people in need, especially women and children. The PeePoo site. [via NDTV, thanks Ramya.]

Is there a difference between thinking and thinking hard? I mean, thinking is thinking. How can you say if someone is thinking hard or not? Well, I am going to first call on Newton to tell you what that difference is. Newton said, `If others would think as hard as I did, then they would…

Life and Truth

Life is short and truth works far and lives long: let us speak the truth Schopenhauer in the introduction to “The World as Will and Representation”. The introduction is quite remarkable and lucid for a heavyweight philosophical book. If you are wondering what the book’s obscure title means, first few pages should clarify.