The Scientific Indian

No Apple computers for me

I had been a apple computer user for the past 5 years and immensely enjoyed the hardware and the software. But, all good things come at a price. Apple’s price for a polished user experience has lately turned out to be user freedom. The inability to take out and use the content stored in apple’s walled garden is stultifying. I understand that those who are not too keen to learn the innards of computer hardware and software may find apple’s products liberating (that is why, Ramya still uses the mac for all her needs and I am fine with it). However, apple has broken faith with those who promoted its use and is now treading on freedom to innovate as a monopolising behemoth (especially with iPhone and now the iPad products).

All said, in the end, there is only one thing to do for me. Stick with Freedom and give up Apple. So, as of yesterday night, I have migrated all music from iTunes to Ubuntu (Rhythmbox player).

All photos on Flickr (and F-Spot on Ubuntu).

Dropbox on Ubuntu to manage synched files (music and documents are synched to a Dropbox account, sensitive docs encrypted with Truecrypt and stored inside a bravely named “” drive file.)

I am actively looking for a iPod replacement that works well with Ubuntu.