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The Romford Incident

Admirable restraint from a 16-year old. The policemen involved in the incident have no clue about their own guidance? A mighty stink must be raised.

One last book review by Martin Gardner

Read it here.

Raising children

An interesting article at WSJ by Brian Caplan of Econlog that weighs the various aspects of having children.

So, the Archbishop of the Russian Orthodox Church wants “the monopoly of Darwinism and the deceptive idea that science in general contradicts religion” to end, just as his friends in the US. [New Scientist blog] This is like saying we can’t let cleverness have a monopoly, stupidity must have an equal saying in our lives.…

Bigger than the US oil spill

Bhopal. The recent court verdict is a horrid reflection on the fundamental indecency of humanity. 7000 dead and 25 years later a verdict that is all but a fucking whitewash, thanks to Union Carbide, a US company. American tragedies sink the hearts of everyone everywhere. Their president knows which ass to kick (btw, half of…

Douglas Rushkoff responding to Steven Pinker at Facebook — as a way for college kids to meet and greet one another — was a terrific program. As a mirror through which young people forge an identity, however, the program is lacking the nuance of real life. Facebook — more than a program to be…

Nice ad

Is he really that accurate?

DesiPundit no more

Signed-off with an apt message.

Many Gods Hypothesis

Apparently there may not be just one God particle but perhaps five of ’em. Shall we say physicists are testing Many Gods Hypothesis. See this Beebs report. Here’s a question that has assailed our collective primate head all through its history: Do truly fundamental constituents of matter exist or is it turles all the way?…

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