The Scientific Indian

Watching French Open

Watched the match between Soderling and Federer. Soderling is a brute, and he played a brilliant game. Distastefully aggressive play that never let Federer in the game.

A quick tech note that may be of some interest to geeks. I am at a place where there is no TV and no broadband internet. I carry a vodaphone mobile internet dongle to use in such places. Unfortunately, the dongle does not have linux support (I run Ubuntu on my laptop). Still, it is possible to read the dongle in Ubuntu and work out the username, password and other details to make use of the dongle (it’s just a mobile phone with no call voice calling, that’s all). So I did and here we are. Connected to the internets from Ubuntu using a vodaphone dongle.

While on geek things, there’s one other thing. The subscription on that I have only works with Windows media player for streaming. But then, the latest VLC Player can catch windows media stream (Gnome Mplayer doesn’t do audio well) and since the eurosport folks use a simple url token for authentication, it was not too hard to sort that out and stream the video through to VLC.