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All Your Base

Some weekend geek read. (May not be for everyone’s taste. You have been warned.)

Natural organisms never had anything like source code. The genetic code of an organism is more comparable to a binary (in fact, quaternary) executable. Imagine a C compiler made by patching the binary of hello.c a billion times in a genetic algorithm and you’ll see how hard this is to understand. –in an answer to…

India’s Aakanksha Sarda, 18 year old from Bombay.

The Injustice system in USA

An economist article on the unjust justice system in USA. Here’s a case ACLU is defending: Sixteen Years in Prison for Videotaping the Police? A Slashdot comment with some rather painful statistics. Isn’t this something that Alexis de Tocqueville saw a long time ago? Tocqueville was a snob, one among the French privileged who was…

The Genius of Ibn al-Haytham

Genius penetrates this world well and a humbled genius penetrates even better. Professor Jim Al-Khalili programme on BBC4 “Science and Islam” was an eye-opener for me, especially the details of the life of ibn al-Haytham, a medieval genius. The opening sentence of this post alludes to the fact that he thought he could tame the…

Simulation engine for physical stuff

There are simulations and then there are simulations. This video is all over the intertubes. A simulation rendered by the Lagoa Multiphysics engine developed by Thiago Costa (works for Ubisoft).

Charles, Prince of Piffle

Hitchens in Slate: A hereditary head of state, as Thomas Paine so crisply phrased it, is as absurd a proposition as a hereditary physician or a hereditary astronomer. To this innate absurdity, Prince Charles manages to bring fatuities that are entirely his own.

Smart ladies are Apple-shaped

I am not sayin it. Northwestern dudes say so.

What’s special about religion

A court in Russia has convicted two people for offending religion. So, I ask the same question that Richard Dawkins and others have been asking for a while: What exactly is special about religion that it requires unquestioning respect? Why can’t we criticise god for asking us to keep women as slaves, throw our first-born…

STUDSAT – Satellite designed by Indian students to be launched on Monday.