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A carnival about shit. So grab a…stool….sez Mike.

What is Heat

A seemingly simple question. It’s what a hot or cold body–any body, for that matter–has. And, the perfectly valid answer. But, Nature, as we have learnt over the course of humanity’s scientific discoveries, is like an onion without a core, it’s layers all the way. So, after we peel the question what-is-heat another layer reveals…

Plug Computer

Plug Computer Every hackers dream (certainly my dream, in any case) is a dozen of these chugging away quietly in the basement, in the living room, in the bathroom, in the car, in the bike… providing all the services that make living a thrill. What services, you ask. Let’s see. Here’s a few I can…

The bio-mechanical problems of breasts

are acute especially when those carrying it are active in sports like running. Some recent updates at NY Times.

We really don’t know

The story so far: We really don’t know much. This being from a very very smart person (she’s the most cited physicist?), I look forward to an exciting future in physics.

This is inspiring stuff. From Economist: SANTOSH OSTWAL, husband and father of two, lost his apartment in 2001 after quitting his job in Pune to solve an engineering problem he’d been thinking about for twenty years. Today his solution – a mobile-phone adaptation that triggers irrigation pumps remotely – is saving water in India and…

P vs NP

Am sure many of you are following the latest developments [Geomblog , Lipton] with interest. P vs NP is one of The Millennium Problems. Here’s a neat explanation of the problem with the use of Minesweeper game.

Some interesting musical instruments

Recently saw Laura Barrett (Canadian Indie musician) playing the Kalimba. Great sound and so compact. Tenori-on. On the other side of Kalimba in simplicity. But, very cool. And, Vuvuzela. 🙂

Pakistan floods

Al Jazeera coverage. BBC reports on how when the government is inept, militant groups fill the gap.

Alfred Russel Wallace

Alfred Russel Wallace was a great traveller, observer, collector and naturalist who lived at the same time as Darwin. He sent Darwin his thoughts on evolution of species after extensive observations around the world, especially in and around Borneo. This accelarated Darwin to publish his conclusions on origin of species along with Wallace’s. What struck…