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I want to save my people

That’s Narayanan Krishnan, who has dedicated his life to feeding the poor in Madurai. You can vote for him at CNN Heroes 2010. He could use the prize money.

How close can you get to a Neutron Star

So, there’s a new heavier neutron star that has been found. Here’s a question: How close can we physically get to it while still keeping most of the atoms in our body intact? We seem to be OK at 3000 light years. Would we be fine at 10 light years, 1 light year, 5000 miles?…


NYT should be ashamed of itself. The readers know a shit piece when they see it and they make it known in no uncertain terms. Here’s a recent interview with John Le CarrĂ© at Writers & Company where he discusses the backdrop (Deep State, as he calls it) and the strangling effect it has on…

What did Ed Witten do in college

Ed Witten, the physicist whom many consider a man of genius, has had remarkable early years. Below was linked at Hacker News. How long will you need to find your truest, most productive niche? This I cannot predict, for, sadly, access to a podium confers no gift of prophecy. But I can say that however…

There comes a time when

Man can only have a certain quantity of hair, teeth and ideas. There comes a time when he necessarily loses his teeth, his hair and his ideas. -Voltaire.

Greatness at 28 billion pixels

Real High Definition as it is called [link]. Allows you to see Leonardo da Vinci’s genius at close range. At this range the canvas appears to be quite like human skin–the colors, shadows and cracks on the canvas, extraordinary. Looking at this, I had one of those moments inside my head when the separation between…