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Google Maps India does it right

See here for more. In other news: I’ve gone quiet over the past weeks due to complete absorption in a few personal projects (TheScian SF Book is one of them). Regular blogging should resume next year. Seeing Avatar movie tomorrow (3D). There would probably be a weekend post if the movie is very good (or…

TheScian SF Contest Results on 22nd

Folks, the SF contest results will be delayed by a week. Unforeseen travel has intervened. I’ll get the results out next Sunday, 22 Nov.

Congrats to all the participants who took the critical first step by courageously sending your baby into the wild. The number of submissions this year is eleven which is not too many. I hope to provide good feedback to authors as I can spend more time with fewer stories. The book preparation is coming along…

Links from the other half, and me

Since I am not posting much on the blog, the wife suggests I leave a few links she supplies. So here they are:- Since Indian rural workers under National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme do not get their wages in time, they are powerless, starving and helpless. Can Women concentrate on a career post…

Why Democracy Matters

Even with all it’s shortcomings, democracy matters because there is hope of representation for everyone, however poor one is. Unlike this disgusting corruption reported at NY Times that ruins poor young lives in China with no way for them to get back their future.

Whereabouts and other updates

I’ll be back in the UK tomorrow. There is quite a lot of material that I have accumulated in the many weeks here: interviews with scientists, social entrepreneurs, ideas for articles, stories and more. I’ll start publishing them in the coming weeks and months. I’ve had discussions with a few publishers for TheScian Stories book…

Tears For Obama Supporters

Wife and I looked at this slideshow a few minutes ago and tears started rolling down our eyes. Through the hopeful and tearful eyes of these men and women, we glimpsed history. Our own spontaneous tears seems to be how our lives – a couple from India – has been deeply touched by the people… (was) down

I’ll holler when it’s up. (The site message is courtesy of Shakespeare, Henry the Eighth.) Update: It’s up!

No more blogroll

Instead, we’ll have a regularly updated set of ‘Today’s Recommendations’ (on the left, heading may change) that’ll display the intertube bits I have read or heard that I’d love to share. This includes blog posts (not blogs themselves, which I have lately realized is meaningless if I did’t tell you what I read in them),…