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A remarkable and inspiring presentation of data. Dr Rosling, of course, has been pioneering this for a while now. There is a recent piece in the Economist which I found informative as well. More vidoes linked here.

I want to save my people

That’s Narayanan Krishnan, who has dedicated his life to feeding the poor in Madurai. You can vote for him at CNN Heroes 2010. He could use the prize money.

What did Ed Witten do in college

Ed Witten, the physicist whom many consider a man of genius, has had remarkable early years. Below was linked at Hacker News. How long will you need to find your truest, most productive niche? This I cannot predict, for, sadly, access to a podium confers no gift of prophecy. But I can say that however…

Greatness at 28 billion pixels

Real High Definition as it is called [link]. Allows you to see Leonardo da Vinci’s genius at close range. At this range the canvas appears to be quite like human skin–the colors, shadows and cracks on the canvas, extraordinary. Looking at this, I had one of those moments inside my head when the separation between…

The use of ‘like’ as filter while speaking

There much ado about like at Beebs after actress Thompson was, like, very upset by, like, words and such. This comment by a reader named Colin was very clever. Comparing “like” to “um” and “ah” as a filler/thought pause is okay, but there’s one major difference. The listener can easily filter out the “um” and…

David Attenborough meets Richard Dawkins

Audio at The Guardian. Great fun listening to them talk so freely, especially the last minute when Attenborough shares a good laugh with Dawkins.

My young son asks me

So, I was taking a trip down memory lane (via a data backup CD created 8 years ago) and found this poem saved up for later reading. Not sure why I had this particular one saved. Anyho, here it is. My young son asks me Bertolt Brecht My young son asks me: Must I learn…

The Healers of 9/11

A NY Times article on the remarkable and inspiring response of two women who lost their husbands in the September 11 attacks. The woman, Susan Retik, has pursued perhaps the most unexpected and inspiring American response to the 9/11 attacks. This anniversary of Sept. 11 feels a little ugly to me, with some planning to…

This is inspiring stuff. From Economist: SANTOSH OSTWAL, husband and father of two, lost his apartment in 2001 after quitting his job in Pune to solve an engineering problem he’d been thinking about for twenty years. Today his solution – a mobile-phone adaptation that triggers irrigation pumps remotely – is saving water in India and…

Some interesting musical instruments

Recently saw Laura Barrett (Canadian Indie musician) playing the Kalimba. Great sound and so compact. Tenori-on. On the other side of Kalimba in simplicity. But, very cool. And, Vuvuzela. 🙂