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Beetles of the World

A fantastic flickr set with geotags and all.

Corn and Campaign Money

Lessig’s TEDxBoston talk (this is not organized by TED, but by other people in TED spirit, hence TEDx).

Kathy Sierra on Social Media

If you don’t know her, google and learn. Completely agree with her assessment of the near irrelevance of Social Media if you aren’t focussing on the important things in life.

All Your Base

Some weekend geek read. (May not be for everyone’s taste. You have been warned.)

The Injustice system in USA

An economist article on the unjust justice system in USA. Here’s a case ACLU is defending: Sixteen Years in Prison for Videotaping the Police? A Slashdot comment with some rather painful statistics. Isn’t this something that Alexis de Tocqueville saw a long time ago? Tocqueville was a snob, one among the French privileged who was…

Simulation engine for physical stuff

There are simulations and then there are simulations. This video is all over the intertubes. A simulation rendered by the Lagoa Multiphysics engine developed by Thiago Costa (works for Ubisoft).

Charles, Prince of Piffle

Hitchens in Slate: A hereditary head of state, as Thomas Paine so crisply phrased it, is as absurd a proposition as a hereditary physician or a hereditary astronomer. To this innate absurdity, Prince Charles manages to bring fatuities that are entirely his own.

A powerful and deeply shocking artistic rendition by Isao Hashimoto. From here. The perverse Danse Macabre of our own times. When we see human folly rendered on a compressed historical canvas, it is all the more clear how precarious our personal survival is. Nidhi, my 3 year old daughter, saw me watching this and asked:…

School Assembly Prayer

Prayer, according to Martha, a clever girl, and therefore not a believer. From Julian Barnes novel “England, England”: Alfalfa, who farts in Devon, Bellowed be thy name. Thy wigwam come. Thy swill be scum In Bath, which is near the Severn. Give us this day our sandwich spread, And give us our bus-passes, As we…

The Romford Incident

Admirable restraint from a 16-year old. The policemen involved in the incident have no clue about their own guidance? A mighty stink must be raised.