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Google Female Human Body Browser

Go here. There’s a search box to look for organs. Quite neat.


NYT should be ashamed of itself. The readers know a shit piece when they see it and they make it known in no uncertain terms. Here’s a recent interview with John Le CarrĂ© at Writers & Company where he discusses the backdrop (Deep State, as he calls it) and the strangling effect it has on…

There comes a time when

Man can only have a certain quantity of hair, teeth and ideas. There comes a time when he necessarily loses his teeth, his hair and his ideas. -Voltaire.

In cases of unclear legal grounds, a proper court judgement is one that leaves all parties mildly dissatisfied. The Ayodhya verdict may be one such judgement and that is a good thing.

The Pope visits UK

What does it mean to me? Mostly, I am annoyed. There are more annoyed people commenting at beebs. This is a state visit. If you are wondering which state the Pope hails from, it’s the state of Vatican and it’s a monarchy. The Pope is the monarch of Vatican. Seriously. What should we do in…

Pregnancy problems in older women

This recent research is a significant finding on what could be the cause and potential cures.


A carnival about shit. So grab a…stool….sez Mike.

The bio-mechanical problems of breasts

are acute especially when those carrying it are active in sports like running. Some recent updates at NY Times.

We really don’t know

The story so far: We really don’t know much. This being from a very very smart person (she’s the most cited physicist?), I look forward to an exciting future in physics.

Pakistan floods

Al Jazeera coverage. BBC reports on how when the government is inept, militant groups fill the gap.