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Why is space dark?

The thing is, it is dark, but wait, actually, it is not. I mean…

How close can you get to a Neutron Star

So, there’s a new heavier neutron star that has been found. Here’s a question: How close can we physically get to it while still keeping most of the atoms in our body intact? We seem to be OK at 3000 light years. Would we be fine at 10 light years, 1 light year, 5000 miles?…

Well, you knew that already. Anyway, here’s something to read and fume about. Here in the island, things aren’t great either. The inanely orchestrated coverage at the BBC leading up to the release of the Lockerbie criminal was/is breathtaking in its obviousness.

Machiavelli must be shot

because he is the archetype of all those who hold that end justifies means. Wearing Machiavelli’s shoes comes World-is-Flat-and-Black-and-White Mr Friedman, madly dancing with his column in NY Times on the recent gaza flare-up. Read Glenn Greenwald’s criticism to restore some balance to this garbage from Mr Friedman.

A piece of India on the moon

The realization of a dream. I believe we still need an inspiring campaign to create awareness and thereby generate enthusiasm among the taxpayers. Whatever lies ahead, this is a great day for the thousands of scientists and engineers who have made this possible.

The American Transformation

Rebecca Traister writes at Spiegel How could Jesse Jackson not cry, standing in that crowd, realizing that whatever hurt time and generational difference might have inflicted on his project and his legacy, he was witnessing the dawn of a world that his work made possible, but which he had not been able to make possible…

Somini Sengupta writes about the recent religion incited violence in Orissa at NY Times. A Bajrang Dal leader offers an explanation that is the veneer on the surface of the violent brand of nationalism based on religious identity that’s the trademark of the saffron brigade: Given a chance to explain the recent violence, Subash Chauhan,…

Anal Evolution

No, no. This isn’t from the tasteless blurb on the cover of a Creationist book. This is about research on the evolution of anus published at Nature Magazine. “The very simple question is how to get from one opening to two,” says Detlev Arendt, a researcher at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany.…

Goodbye to John Archibald Wheeler

A very personal tribute at Cosmic Variance by Daniel Holz.

The Beagle Project, bloggers and beer

A few blogging folks in and around London met on Wednesday on Bora’s visit for a tour of the Darwin Center. It was great fun, especially the later part when I started shaking all over (only partly aided by two mugs of beer. I forgot to take my coat and we stood out of the…