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Monday Evening Hilarity

First, this dude is hilarious:

Then, get this, once the baby gets to be about, say, baby-sized, it has to come out. At this point, it’s WAY bigger than the orifice that lets it out. It’s as though someone built an airplane inside of a hangar, and then when they were done, looked around and noticed that there were no airplane-sized doors. Whoopsie! This, right here, is a great argument against Intelligent Design.

Also, this guy is hilarious too. I totally forgot about him. This video was going all around back when I was in college living in campus housing.


  1. #1 James Davis
    April 20, 2010

    I know exactly what you mean, that video was going around my uni as well. It’s funny how many chord progressions get borrowed.

    Is also pretty darn funny.

  2. #2 Dog
    April 21, 2010

    Sorry, but that argument against Intelligent Design won’t work against fundamental Christians and Jews. According to the book of Genesis, painful childbirth was part of the punishment for the fall. So the fundies would take it as proof FOR I.D.

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