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A Lesson in Anatomy

That frog totally rocks my world.

It’s amazing how much you can learn about an animal’s mind by a simply watching it. Video 1: Gratuitous video of octopuses never hurt anyone. Maybe this will sate the Pharyngulites.

Extra, Extra

Figure 1: Research Sausage indeed. (Source) Bloggy News:

Happy Earth Day, everyone! In honor of the day, here’s a modified re-post of piece I wrote recently for LAist. Figure 1: Photo by poloroid-girl via LAist Featured Photos on Flickr. The great philosopher Kermit the Frog once said, “It’s not that easy being green.” Maybe he was on to something. You can’t walk three…

In Case There Was Any Doubt

Animals dream, too! It’s definitely not a seizure, and it’s definitely not random motor actions. Those actions are totally coordinated. Poor dog must have been dreaming about a dog fight or something.

Whale Snot

Figure 1: Humpback whale The question is: what do you use to study the health of whales in the wild? The answer is: not what you’d think.

This seems to have become unofficial volcano week, here at ScienceBlogs. If you haven’t been following the coverage of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption at Erik Klemetti’s Eruptions blog, you should consider doing so. Also, Dr. Isis has a post on how the eruption has fouled up all nuclear imaging plans at her place of research, and…

As Psychology and Neuroscience Editor for, each week I choose 3-4 of the best posts from around the blogosphere in those categories. Here are my picks for this week: This week, we’ve got an selection of posts exploring the increasingly complex and sometimes unsettling roles that social media and technology play in our social…

Monday Evening Hilarity

First, this dude is hilarious: Then, get this, once the baby gets to be about, say, baby-sized, it has to come out. At this point, it’s WAY bigger than the orifice that lets it out. It’s as though someone built an airplane inside of a hangar, and then when they were done, looked around and…

Dog owners have a way – sometimes within DAYS of first becoming dog owners – of becoming EXPERTS on animal behavior. It blows my mind. These are people who observe their animals displaying interesting or curious behaviors and make up things like “dogs like being put in tiny cages, actually, because of when their ancestors…