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There are some great questions coming in to Ask a Scienceblogger! If you (or your kids?) have a question you want answered by a scienceblogger drop by Page 3.14 (the blog of the SB overlordz) and leave your question in the comments on this post. Tyler asked: It’s said that the left hemisphere of the…

What I’m Listening To

Sapri Li Ahuva (Tell me, beloved) by one of my fave Israeli singers, Dindin Aviv. For those who don’t understand Hebrew, here is a transliteration (courtesy Tell me beloved, with your beautiful eyes What does your heart desire? Tell me child, beautiful in my dream How will I wake you up for the day?…

Feeling Stupid Is Important!

One of my scientific heroes, Richard Feynman, explains confusion and stupidity: Albert Einstein said: “If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called Research.” If you’re going to be doing research, you better be comfortable with feeling stupid.

Here are my ResearchBlogging Editor’s Selections for this week. Today’s selections will appear in haiku form. How hungry are you? Hunger affects decisions, says Christian Jarrett. Touch and texture, too, at Neurophilosophy, alter decisions. Science and Reason explores creativity and mental illness. Social Rejection? Study says take Tylenol. Neurocritic laughs.

Fellow primate enthusiast Eric M. Johnson celebrates the one year blogoversary of the Scienceblogs incarnation of The Primate Diaries, today. Go on over and say hello.

OK Go Meets Animal

The science-loving band OK Go (whose newest video messes with time perception) has another hilarious video out there. Not a music video, mind you. Just a video. It appears they had a bit of a run-in with Animal, of the muppets, at the Webby Awards. Those dudes are hilarious.

She: “What are you writing about?” Me: “Cognition in cold-blooded animals.” She: “Hot.” Most people who study cognition focus on mammals or birds. But I hope I’ve convinced you that other animals are important to investigate as well. One research group at the University of Vienna likes cold-blooded critters. Turtles and lizards and such. They…

Baby Mountain Lions!

Figure 1: Mountain lion kitten. From my good friends at LAist: Since 2002, biologists having been tracking and studying the movements of mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountains, Simi Hills and Santa Susana Mountains to better understand how they live surrounded by development.

What I’m Listening To

Drove down PCH with a friend on Friday night blasting this song just as the moon was rising above the horizon. Fantastic. Alejandro – Lady Gaga

Here at Thoughtful Animal headquarters, we’re starting a new series of seven-question interviews with people who are doing or have done animal research of all kinds – biomedical, behavioral, cognitive, and so forth. Interested in how animal research is conducted, or why animal research is important? Think you might want to do some animal research…