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What I’m Listening To

Sapri Li Ahuva (Tell me, beloved) by one of my fave Israeli singers, Dindin Aviv.

For those who don’t understand Hebrew, here is a transliteration (courtesy

Tell me beloved, with your beautiful eyes
What does your heart desire?
Tell me child, beautiful in my dream
How will I wake you up for the day?

Day, another night, and a day
I am awake and my heart is asleep
What I used to be is gone
From all the has passed it seems
Only when you are with me
My heart is playing a melody

The one loved by your soul
I looked for all over the city
Locked garden you are
Open it for me, soft-eyed beloved
Open your door for me


  1. #1 lilith
    July 1, 2010

    How did you come to know her? Do you speak Hebrew?
    (Just out of curiosity…)

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