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These dudes are awesome.

An awesome video from our friends over at BBC Earth Life Is: We caught up with Richard Sorger, a hot British fashion designer who draws inspiration directly from animals and nature. As well as designing for big name celebrities his work he has also designed for Swarovski and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Remembering Yitzchak Rabin

I don’t often get too personal on this blog, but today is an important day. Fifteen years ago, Israeli Prime Minster Yitzchak Rabin was assassinated after speaking at a peace rally in Tel Aviv in Kikar Malchei Yisrael (now called Kikar Rabin). I don’t have very many flashbulb memories from my childhood, but one of…

Carnival of Evolution #29

Happy Halloween!

A nice video from our friends at BBC Earth: …although I’m not sure why some of the critters in there qualify as scary. In any case, have a Happy (and Safe!) Halloween!


Below the fold, you’ll find a complete listing of all tweets from #SMWUSC, in reverse chronological order.

Monday Midnight Movie: The Shofar

There’s also a shortage of clean water. Friend of the blog Melissa Rowley is working to fix that. She writes: When I see photographs of children in developing countries, I ponder what my life would have been like had I not been adopted. My being here, here and now, and not roaming the streets of…

The Carnal Carnival

Sometime late Saturday night, it seems I agreed to shepherd (cat-herd?) a new blog carnival. It all started when I noticed that people seem to be blogging about poop a lot. It was pointed out that some blog about urine. Carin Bondar wanted to add barf and blood to the mix. So, Bora and I…

Dear friend of the blog and frequent commenter the Dog Zombie just got her masters!!!!! She studies dog brains by pursuing DVM and MS degrees. One degree down, and two to go! She writes (via email) that she was a little worried that people would think “why do I care about something touchy-feely like whether…