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Via the Smithsonian Channel: Gudrun Pflueger, first seen in A Woman Among Wolves, returns to wolf country after a grueling and terrifying bout with cancer. Determined to fight for the wolves who gave her the strength to survive her illness, Pflueger battles freezing temperatures and personal setbacks to track the wolves in the wild. The…

A Kangaroo Is Born…Twice

The narrator laureate of the science world, David Attenborough, describes the birth of a baby grey kangaroo. Our friends at BBC Earth describe the video: In this video a kangaroo is born, crawls up to its mother’s pouch where a camera captures it’s development from tiny, naked, grub-like newborn into a fully grown Joey. It’s…

An awesome video from our friends over at BBC Earth Life Is: We caught up with Richard Sorger, a hot British fashion designer who draws inspiration directly from animals and nature. As well as designing for big name celebrities his work he has also designed for Swarovski and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

In one of a series of stories on animal intelligence, Anderson Cooper went to see Kanzi, probably the most famous bonobo in the world, and primatologist Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, who has worked with Kanzi almost his entire life. Using his board of symbolic “lexigrams,” Kanzi apparently indicated that Cooper should don a bunny suit. One wonders…

From the new National Geographic Great Migrations mini-series. Open comment thread: Did you watch it last night? What did you think?

Learn to Speak Primate

Non-human primate, that is. Ape actor Peter Elliott shares his knowledge of chimpanzee and gorilla vocabulary and facial expressions. via IMDb: Peter Elliott is the film industry’s primary primate. He both as a performer, in films like Missing Link and The Island of Doctor Moreau, and as a choreographer of other performers, as in Gorillas…

Friday Night Films

This one is worth watching all the way through: (h/t Sara) And, from the sublime to the mundane: (h/t Dr. Kiki)

I showed this video today as an intro to my 8-week “mini-course” on Canine Cognition.

Monday Midnight Movie: The Shofar

BBC Life Is “Coral Reefs”

Figure 1: Deep sea coral. Click to awesomely embiggen! Another awesome exclusive video from our friends over at BBC Life Is. This month, the theme is corals, and the video (behind the fold, since it takes up a decent amount of bandwidth) features an interesting new attempt in Fiji to restore coral reefs.