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Update: Okay, screw Typekey, it’s anything goes here. Anyone may comment, comments will be immediately published, and I will rely on the spam filter. Let’s see how that works! Advantages: Still less work for me, less hassle for you. I can always delete spam that slips through. Also, apparently the email link on the Contact tab wasn’t working, so I just replaced it with my email address written out.

I’m still settling into the new home here, and finding my way around. I did have the comments filter set to accept comments from anyone after screening by me, but that seemed unduly laborious for a Goddess. So now I’m trying the publish immediately, but only those comments that come from ‘authenticated’ commenters. You know what that means: you’re going to have to break down and get a Typekey account. I myself have resisted doing so until now. But it seems to be the way of the web. If you really hate this idea, go to the Contact tab and email me with your ire. Perhaps I shall reconsider.


  1. #1 JohnJB
    August 23, 2006

    Typekey is as buggy as hell. I spent four or five minutes fu**ing around to get here and type this.

    Oh, and the “contact tab” email link doesn’t work, either.

    ‘Scuse me for venting …

  2. #2 Dr. Free-Ride
    August 23, 2006

    Hey Zuska, welcome to the neighborhood!

  3. #3 Zuska
    August 23, 2006

    Well, crap. When I tried the link on the Contact tab it brought up a mail window but those things never work for me. I always thought it was my computer system. I’ll change it to just display my email address for you to use.
    If I get a few more complaints maybe I’ll just scrap Typekey and see how much spam I get…

  4. #4 Josh
    August 24, 2006

    The consensus when I joined seemed to be that TypeKey was just too much of a pain.

    Also, I’ll change my blogroll link to you if you’ll update yours.

  5. #5 Zuska
    August 24, 2006

    Dr. Free-Ride, I’m happy to be in the same neighborhood as you! Ditto for you, Josh! Also I managed to get the blogroll link changed for you before we leave for vacation…which should be in approximately 30 minutes…! I’ll be touring exotic Gettysburg, PA. Apparently there is an internet cafe there, so maybe I’ll be back on before we come home on Sunday.

  6. #6 s. zeilenga
    August 24, 2006

    ah, well.
    Blame it all on those danged creationists…

    errr. wait, nevermind.


  7. #7 femalechemist
    August 24, 2006

    congrats!!! i am so happy you made it to scienceblogs. your blog has a lot of important things to say and wider readership will be excellent!

  8. #8 Bill Hooker
    August 25, 2006

    I can’t trackback to SB sites for some reason, so here is a teeny blog-warming present.

  9. #9 Zuska
    August 29, 2006

    Female Chemist, thanks so much! I’m honored by your compliment. Also, Bill Hooker, thanks for the nod to Thus Spake Zuska on your blog – I really appreciate it. S. Zeilenga, it’s always good to have a scapegoat. Creationists, FEMA, or Homeland Security – take your pick. I blame one or the other for just about everything that annoys me these days.

    I just have to say this is a mighty nice neighborhood to be hanging out in and I thank all of you who contributed to giving Thus Spake Zuska the visibility that helped me get here! And thanks for your continued readership.

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