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New Book: “Flor y ciencia”

Kristin wrote, in a comment: Hey, although a search for blogs by Hispanic scientists is coming up empty, it looks like there’s a new anthology by female Hispanic scientists and engineers! But you can’t find it in the online bookstores. Looks like if you want a copy, you have to email NCantu AT malcs DOT…

Mollishka writes to ask plaintively: “Feminist theory of science”?! Other than a nice set of buzzwords, what does that even mean??

Joy of Science – Books

See Bill Hooker’s comment about finding books for the course here. Bill’s comment got held up a day or so in junk comments because of all the links in it. Sorry, Bill! But this would be helpful for anyone trying to find/buy the books.

Distinguished Schmuck Visits, Misbehaves

Female Science Professor describes the amazing (and amazingly depressing) power of invisibility women in science seem to possess – at least when Distinguished Schmucks are visiting the department:

Joy of Science Course Update

Thanks for all your initial interest and inquiries about the course. I thought maybe I’d better do a “going over the syllabus and answering some questions” post as a result. So here it is!

Sci Fi Guys and Stereotypes, Again

So, I have insomnia. I’m catching up on some blog reading. I come across this courtesy of Asymptotia. It’s one of those quizzes; this one is “Which Science Fiction Writer Are you?” It’s fun, it’s harmless, more or less; I came out as I am: John Brunner His best known works are dystopias — vivid…

The Joy of Science

I promised my friend Bill Hooker at the Science Blogging Conference that I would attempt to conduct a course of sorts on the blog. What I mean is that I am actually going to be teaching myself the course and discussing it on the blog; you are all invited to follow along if you like,…

“Conversations About The Tribe”

Dr. Free-Ride has graciously put the slides from her talk at the Science Blogging Conference on the conference wiki, so I’m thinking I can go ahead and blog about the stuff I thought I couldn’t blog about in my earlier post. Specifically, Dr. Free-Ride spent some time talking about conversations that happen in the blogosphere…

Hunt Willard spoke at the NC Science Blogging Conference about “Promoting Public Understanding of Science”. Willard is the director of the Duke Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy. He made a distinction between getting people to actually understand the science itself – which he felt was really hard to do – versus getting them to…

Because It’s Silly

Just had to share this ridiculous photo of Bora taking a picture of Dr. Free-Ride taking a picture of Bora…