Thus Spake Zuska

A Word About Comments

The last week or so, some of you may have noticed that you submit a comment and it doesn’t show up in the comments thread right away. I’m assuming you get the message that the comment is being held for approval by the blog owner. At least I hope so.

Please note: you are not being singled out for any special treatment. Usually, comments with more than one URL in them will be automatically flagged as possible spam and shunted to a special folder for me to review and approve. Unfortunately, my checking in is sporadic and sometimes a comment in holding gets held up for a long time. I do apologize for that, and I try to get comments out of moderation as quickly as possible.

Occasionally, a comment gets shunted to moderation even when it has no URLs. I have no idea why this happens and it seems to be random. Again, if this has happened to you, I’m sorry. I’ll check for moderated comments as often as possible, but if you commented and don’t see your comment for more than 24 hours, send me an email.