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I Don’t Know What To Say

Lots of my Sciblings have blogged about 9.11.01 today. I particularly recommend Abel Pharmboy’s post, and the video that Orac posted if you can stand to watch it.

I don’t feel that I have anything meaningful to add. I felt that way in the weeks after the tragedy, when K-State engineering organized a panel to talk to students and faculty about…I suppose our response to the aftermath. There was a lot of worry about how some of our graduate students, postdocs, and faculty might be treated. I worried about my dear friend who is from Iran. I have no memory of what I said to the gathered audience as a member of the panel, but I do remember feeling completely inadequate to the task. I felt I wanted someone to be speaking to me. On 9/11 itself, I remember some students turning to me as we watched with disbelief what was happening in New York City on the big screen t.v. in the student union. I had no idea how to comfort them or what to say.

I still feel completely inadequate to the task of addressing 9/11.


  1. #1 usagi
    September 13, 2007

    I still feel completely inadequate to the task of addressing 9/11.

    The fact you realize and acknowedge this puts you far ahead of most people who attempt to address 9/11 and all the people who use it to further their own agenda.

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