Thus Spake Zuska

And the T-Shirt Winner Is…

October has come and gone, and the Scienceblogs Donors Choose Challenge is over. You helped TSZ raise $1500 of a total $54,335 from all Scienceblogs challenges. That plus the $15,000 matching funds from Seed brings the total amount raised for Donors Choose to $69,335!!!! Over 155 classroom projects have been fully funded, and thousands of children affected by the generosity of Scienceblogs readers.

I promised you at the beginning of October that everyone who donated to my challenge would be entered in a raffle for a special TSZ t-shirt that reads “Zuska Says: Don’t Make Me Puke On Your Shoes”.

You donated, you sent me a copy of your email receipt, I put your name in a hat. And this evening, Mr. Zuska drew a name from that hat.

i-d8b70cb94dcdfd0e29532c591ad4dd81-hat drawing [320x200].JPG

Congratulations to frequent commenter Penny, who regularly updates the “Let’s All Have A Party!” post with additional names of wonderful women scientists and engineers.

The rest of you will all be getting your Women in Science and Math magnets just as soon as I get them from the National Women’s History Project and get them put in the mail.