Thus Spake Zuska

It’s National Engineer’s Week!

Yes, February 17-23 is this year’s National Engineering Week! I’m a little late to the party, I know…I’ve been a little preoccupied. But today is Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day! There are events going on all over the U.S. even as we blog. But you know, you can do your own IAGTE activity at any time…it doesn’t have to be today. And E-week has a list of 10 easy ways to get involved. Some of them are really easy, like #7: Donate copies of “Changing Our World: True Stories of Women Engineers” to local libraries or a high school guidance office. “Changing Our World” is a product of the Extraordinary Women Engineers project. Another great source of information is the Engineer Your Life site, with special resources for parents and counselors as well as engineers. Finally, here’s a fun site the budding engineer in your family may enjoy: A Sightseer’s Guide To Engineering. I think I’m going to have to travel to Easton, PA for the Crayola Factory tour and the National Canal Museum. Check out the interactive map for nifty engineering sites near you. And take a girl to see one!

Happy E-Week, everybody!