Thus Spake Zuska

The Cookies Don’t Lie

Who needs sophisticated tracking polls when you’ve got…cookies!

A local bakery not far from where I live makes presidential candidate cookies for every presidential election. This year they added vice-presidential cookies. You can buy an Obama, McCain, Biden, or Palin cookie – and help predict the winner of the election in the process!

Since the 1984 election, Weinrich’s in Willow Grove has been icing its round red, white and blue cookies with the names and, this year, the faces of the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates.

And in every election but one, the sale of cookies has predicted the presidency…

…Barack Obama is walloping McCain at Weinrich’s – on Thursday his lead was 58 to 42 percent, or 4,772 cookies to 3,462.

But even if you’ve snagged yourself one of those tasty cookies, you still need to go out and vote tomorrow! Happy Election Day, everyone!


  1. #1 deang
    November 3, 2008

    We have a couple of bakeries in town that do the same thing.

  2. #2 becca
    November 4, 2008

    I just called my Dad in IL. PA is at 65% Obama (27% reporting). IL is at 58% Obama (14% reporting). PA just PWNED IL!

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