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First Diversity in Science Carnival is Up!

It’s up and available for reading, people! Go over and enjoy at Urban Science Adventures!

This carnival celebrates the people of science and engineering – those who innovate, invent, research, teach, and reach out. This Blog Carnival tells the stories of achievement and perseverance. Why is such a celebration needed? Many reasons, but as Molecular Philosophy put it best, it is to showcase the individuals of science as ROLE MODELS. I think we have a fine list of Role Models for the Black History Month edition of Diversity in Science Carnival.

And when you look at just the first few entries of this carnival you will realize (A) what a fabulous reading treat you are in for and (B) how much this carnival is needed and (C) what a great amount of thanks we owe to Danielle Lee for bringing this into existence! Yay!


  1. #1 DrugMonkey
    February 25, 2009

    Agreed, DNLee is teh awesomz for launching this. Lots of interesting takes on interesting people!

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