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New Kid On The Block

Say hello to newest Scibling Ethan Siegel at his blog Starts With A Bang, which I think is interesting and nifty, and not just because he has a post about tinfoil hats with a music clip of bluegrass artist Colby Maddox singing Shady Grove. Sadly, he does not list TSZ as one of his favorite…

Links for 4-3-2009

Scads of stuff I don’t have time to blog adequately… Johns Hopkins Provost Kristina Johnson was nominated by President Obama to be under secretary of the Department of Energy in mid-March. From the email press release: She is a distinguished researcher, best known for pioneering work — with widespread scientific and commercial application — in…

Shoe Pukin’ Back To Normal

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? Many thanks to Isis for making it possible by lending me her shoes…also thanks for playing along! Now we return you to our regularly scheduled shoe-pukin’ blog….

Rethinking The Shoe Thing

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, and it seems to me that I spend way too much time puking on other peoples’ shoes and not nearly enough time prancing about in my own fancy high heels. So this past weekend I did some shopping. Here’s one result: Let me tell you, Mr. Zuska is happy…