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New Film About Montreal Massacre

The Chronicle News Blog has an item today on a new film about the Montreal Massacre, Polytechnique. I don’t have time to do much else than tell you about it. Go read what the News Blog has to say about it. Try to ignore the inevitable ensuing pro-con gun control discussion in the comments.

Remembering the Murdered Women

Others before me have noted that whenever the Montreal massacre is discussed, the shooter’s name is always mentioned but the names of the murdered women rarely are ever mentioned. Let’s take a minute just to recount their names and ages at the time of their deaths. As listed on the case study site: Geneviève…

This entry should have been posted yesterday but I wasn’t able to finish it in time because of migraine. I should have left the other easier stuff alone and concentrated on this earlier in the day when I was feeling somewhat better. In the spirit of better a day late than not at all, here…