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“The public’s understanding of science has devolved into a perverse worship of uncertainty, a fanatical devotion to the god of the gaps. Nowhere is this more apparent than the debate over global warming…Meanwhile, environmental activists draw from their own ample reservoir of skepticism…They warn of hidden dangers and put uncertainty in the mind of the consumer.”

Some consumers are embracing an emerging “geek consciousness” – a science-friendly approach that rejects unfounded attacks on basic and applied science and that emphasize knowledge-based agriculture instead of faith-based agriculture.

“The current [grant review] system is definitely a ‘a buddy system’ where it’s not what you know but who you know, where you work, and where you publish.”

It is a find tribute to Stewart Brand, one of the greatest environmentalists of our time.

“If you’re looking to know whats in your food, well theres a lot of stuff in your food, and theres already a lot of stuff on the label,” says Lemeaux. “And a lot of people already dont read the label.”

Warning: GMO

Just read some of the comments on Amy Harmon’s #GMO labeling story from Friday’s NYT. Guess people care about this topic. Here are some excerpts: “Unless you are foraging, eating wild-berries, game, etc… then you are consuming GMO food. There is no logical definition of #GMO food” “Conservatives deny data on global warming; Liberals deny…